Welcome to Local Food Wanaka

Local Food Wanaka is the forumĀ for projects, events and resources in the Upper Clutha region, aiming to promote local food initiatives.

Why is local food important?

  • It tastes good. The less the distance from the earth to your plate, the better the food tastes.
  • It provides local jobs and supports the local economy.
  • It creates resiliency for the community in the event of natural disaster or economic crisis.
  • It promotes health by encouraging the eating of fresh seasonal produce. Direct contact with nature when growing and harvesting food promotes physical and mental wellbeing.
  • It connects people back into the natural cycles of life.
  • It connects up the people who grow the food with those who eat it, thus strengthening community and giving more control to both producers and customers.
  • It gives people a sense of satisfaction and security.
  • It’s good for the planet. Food miles create pollution and use up non-renewable resources.
  • It’s good for people, who generally love growing and eating and sharing kai.

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