Apple drive 2013

Message from the Secretary of Local Food Wanaka 11/4/13

The team from Local Food Wanaka want to say a big thank you to everyone who supported the Great Autumn Apple Drive at Rippon Hall last Saturday.  Over 100 people eagerly participated and many others supported us by donating fruit, jars and equipment.  An estimated 1.2 tonnes of apples and pears were processed into hundreds of jars of chutney and sauce plus more than 300 litres of juice, some of which will be brewed into cider.  

One of the most heart-warming things on the day was to see people of all ages working happily together as a community.  A seven year old boy chopped apples for two hours, then washed dishes and filled jars with hot apple sauce.  A 14 year old girl filmed the whole event and other teens happily cooked chutney and washed hundreds of jars.  Volunteers came from Alexandra, Clyde, Cromwell and Queenstown as well as the greater Wanaka area.  Everyone went away with a smile and a few bottles of juice and chutney, making all of our planning and preparation time worth it.  Again, thanks to you all, and especially to the team at Rippon Hall for providing the perfect venue.  See you all again next year!

 Petrina Duncan, Secretary of Local Food Wanaka

Article in The NEws

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A community event for everyone to come together to share and learn at the beautiful Rippon Hall. Pressing apples and pears for cider and communal chutney and apple sauce making. Fun for all the family and you won’t go home empty handed..


Date: Saturday 6th April 2013

10am – 2pm


Venue: Rippon Hall, Mt Aspiring road

Click here to view map

How much?

Gold coin donation to cover costs

What to bring

For cider making:

  • Heaps of apples and pears – as much as you can pick, scrump or beg. Any kind, any condition, bumps and bruises all ok. Preferably spray free. Rotten fruit is not suitable.

  • Cider making requires a LOT of fruit so the more you can bring the more you will take away.

  • A clean container with at least 5 litres capacity. For example a stainless steel or plastic bucket, demijohn with airlock, flagon. We will sterilise all of the containers on the day to ensure a clean ferment.

For chutney and sauce making:

  • Apples, pears, green tomatoes and onions

  • Small glass jars with lids (between 190 and 350 grams)

What we’ll provide

  • A lesson in cider, apple sauce and chutney making

  • Hands on experience with a cider press and making chutneys and sauce from scratch

  • Handouts with all of the recipes from the day

  • Cider making equipment and pots and utensils for preserving

  • Sugar, spices and vinegar for the chutney and sauce

  • Sterilising materials

You will go away with some apple juice to ferment into cider or cider vinegar and a jar or two of chutney or sauce.

PLEASE NOTE: On the day the cider won’t be ready for drinking as it needs to ferment. Rather we will press the apples into a juice which you will take away (in the container that you brought) and wait for it to ferment then bottle for cider or cider vinegar. Detailed instructions on how to do this will be provided.

Donate your surplus

If you have surplus apples and pears that you would like to donate to the event please email and we will arrange a picking/pick up from your place or a convenient drop off location.

If you have an absentee neighbour that has fruit falling on the ground and you have a way of getting in touch to seek permission please email with their details and we will get in in touch with them and seek permission to pick from their trees.


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