The Apple Drive is back!

It’s on again!

Sunday 19th April from 10am – 4pm

Rippon Hall, 246 Mt Aspiring Rd, Wanaka

Apple Drive flyer 2015

This year’s event will focus on making delicious apple chutneys as well as pressing apples to make fresh apple juice.  The organisers at Local Food Wanaka are thrilled also to have the help of an expert local chutney maker to show people what to do and share tips for perfect chutney.

It is best if you can be there for either the morning (by 10am) or the afternoon (by 1pm) session.  This way you can participate in the making of a batch of chutney from beginning to end (sorting apples, chopping ingredients, cooking, sterilising and filling jars) as well as watching/participating in apple pressing.  You will be able to take away a couple of jars of chutney plus 1-2 bottles of fresh apple juice, depending on how much we make on the day.

What to bring

  • A $5 contribution towards the costs of running this event
  • Apples:  All varieties of apples are suitable, bumps and bruises are fine but rotten fruit is not suitable.  Please – if you are picking wild fruit, do not strip trees bare.
  • Clean glass jars with metal lids
  • A sharp knife and chopping board.  An apple corer if you have one.
  • A picnic lunch and drink bottle or cup.
  • Lots of enthusiasm and energy.
  • Warm clothing – we’ll be semi-outdoors but under shelter.  It can get nippy.

What we’ll provide

  • Hands-on experience making chutneys from scratch
  • Instructions on pressing apples using a home-made apple press
  • If you’re interested, ask Dom about making cider
  • Handouts with all of the recipes from the day
  • All other equipment and ingredients for making chutneys and juice

Important Reminder

  • Please only forage fruit on public land unless you have the landowners express permission.  Taking fruit from private property without permission is theft.
  • Always ensure you leave enough on the tree for everyone else to share in nature’s bounty.  Do not strip trees.

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