Great 2016 Apple Drive!

To all of you who came along to the 2016 Autumn Apple Drive on Sunday 3rd April, THANK YOU so much for making it such a successful and fun day!!  We estimate that well over 100 people attended the event at Rippon Hall.  Over a tonne of apples were processed into at least 200 jars of chutney and approx 250 Litres of apple juice.

(Not forgetting the 10 jars of “Johnny Cash green chilli sauce”, the “Pear chutney” and the “Mustard zucchini pickle” which also got made with donated fruit and veges.)

A huge amount of work went into organising this day and running it smoothly, so behalf of the Local Food Wanaka committee, another big THANK YOU to those of you who made this day happen – you know who you are!  This includes our wonderful workshop facilitators and stall holders, who brought lots of their knowledge and products along this year, making it a real celebration of local harvested food and food-products.

Thanks again to all involved – enjoy the chutney and juice – and hopefully some of you make some cider over the next few months, to be enjoyed in winter.

And here is a slideshow of the 2016 event:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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