UC Traditional Foods

Upper Clutha Traditional Foods is an open group for anyone in the Upper Clutha Region who is interested in sharing the journey on rediscovering nourishing, traditional foods. A (not official!) Western A Price group for the region!

For all people who are interested in learning, and practicing the following because of the untold benefits to bowel and body health:

– Making home ferments (yoghurt, sauerkraut, sourdough, kefir, kimchi, etc…)
– Soaking and sprouting of grains
– Use and preparation of nutrient dense animal cuts (livers, bone stocks, etc.)
– Using raw dairy (cheese, yoghurt, etc… )
– Avoiding processed foods (refined sugar, white flour, margarine, etc… )

This group will aim to meet monthly to share our experiences/knowledge in this area. Should be a tasty and healthy adventure! Please see the events page for details of meetings.

For more information about traditional foods:

Weston A Price Foundation

WAPF Auckland

Recommended books:

‘Nourishing Traditions’ by Sally Fallon and ‘Deep Nutrition’ by Catherine Shanahan.

Contact: UC Traditional Foods on Facebook


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